Join Send a Cow for a rare opportunity to hear the gospel in its entirety on Thursday 29th September in the beautiful surrounds of St Michael's, Chester Square. The performance is a fast-paced, thrilling story and an exciting listen for people of any religious viewpoint or none.

Gerald Osborne honorary canon of Salisbury Cathedral, who will be performing the recital, says, “I agree with the long-held view that this Gospel is a record of what Peter told St Mark, so what we have is more or less an eyewitness account of the life and death of Jesus.”

The Revd Prebendary Edward Mason, Rector of Bath Abbey, reviewed an earlier performance of the gospel:

“This is a compelling event. One man holds the audience with the dynamic and faith-provoking words of St Mark.”

All proceeds from this event will go to the work of Send a Cow.

You can buy tickets on the door tonight from 6.30

Booking for this event has now closed.