We all know it’s hard to get around to boring things. No one’s going to pretend that the process of opening a savings account, for example, is exciting. There are rates to compare, forms to fill in and a wait for the account to open. Not a thrilling experience.

But when you open an account with ethical bank Triodos through this link, you will actually be doing something amazing. The money in your new account will be used according to Triodos’ ethical policy, so you can be sure it will be funding things like organic farms, alternative forms of energy and innovative start-ups.

Not only that, but once the account balance reaches £100 Triodos will give £40 to Send a Cow* – at no cost to you. That money will whizz across continents until it reaches someone who really needs it: an African smallholder farmer who is worrying right this minute about how to feed their children and keep a roof over their head.

Because you switched savings accounts, a farming family will get the help they need to step out of poverty into a healthier, happier future. The donation you trigger from Triodos is an opportunity for an African smallholder farmer to get the training they need to boost crops and feed hungry children. It will be a boring five minutes for you, but a godsend for someone on the other side of the world.

What are you waiting for? You are only a few clicks and an application away from being a hero. Visit www.triodos.co.uk/sendacow now to make a difference to someone who is waiting for help.

*the offer, as well as terms and conditions can be viewed at www.triodos.co.uk/sendacow