Here at Send a Cow we’re lucky to have amazing supporters and we really do value every single one. Each donation, no matter how big or small is hugely appreciated, especially at such an expensive time of year.

We are continually amazed by people’s generosity, like that of Francesca Garforth who asked all her friends and family to donate to Send a Cow instead of buying her presents for her 90th birthday, raising £1,450. 

As we showed last week on our Thank You day, it’s important to us to acknowledge donations and say thank you, which is why we’d like to Find Molly. A letter from 9 year old Molly arrived in the office on 16th December with a cheque for £10 enclosed. After hearing about Send a Cow through school Molly decided to raise money by making cookies and selling them outside her house. After all her cookies were sold she had £6.30, which she made up to £10 because she thinks we’re a ‘brilliant charity.’ You can read the letter below.

The team here would love to say thank you to Molly for her effort, hard work and kind words. Unfortunately there was no return address or other contact details so if anyone recognises Molly’s writing or the fairy princess paper please get in touch by email: [email protected] or by calling us on 01225 874 222.