I’m passionate about helping people learn to eat healthily and take care of themselves. I know it can be tough to take care of yourself on a budget. This April I posed myself a challenge: could I eat healthily and stay fit on only £1 a day for food and drink?

I opted to do the challenge for two days. I felt hungry and I missed all the usual foods I take for granted every day. Whilst I fed the family lovely lunches and dinners with chicken stir-fry and a roast chicken dinner, my £1 wouldn't stretch to that for me. I didn't eat any meat because it is too expensive.

My vegetable soup was tasty and I felt full but still hungry at the end of it which sounds weird I know. With virtually no protein included I felt my hunger wasn't satisfied. I then thought of the people in Africa who only had one meal a day and told myself to count my blessings. The rice pudding was enjoyable – I hadn’t made one for 30 years!

My Two-Day Live Below the Line Menu

Day 1
Breakfast: small glass of orange juice, porridge with milk and sugar
Lunch: rice pudding
Dinner: Chunky vegetable soup with beans, sweet potato, carrot, onion and celery
10 cups of tea (reusing 2 tea bags)
Day 2
Breakfast: small glass of orange juice, porridge with milk and sugar
Lunch: two eggs with toast
Dinner: omelette with sweet potato, carrots and broccoli
10 cups of tea (reusing 2 tea bags)

I supplemented the diet with eggs - we keep our own chickens. I realised what a massive difference it would make to anyone in Africa who was able to have their own chickens.  And because of the generosity of people donating money to Send a Cow perhaps they can. Eggs produce wonderful protein which can be used with flour to make breads and cakes as well as a meal in their own right. They were infinitely more satisfying than the vegetable soup.

My husband expected me to be grumpy for the two days. I am pleased to report that my mood has been uplifted by having a better understanding of how tough the lives are for so many in Africa and to feel grateful to God for my many blessings. I can eat a balanced diet and can spend more than £1 a day every day. This has been a humbling experience.

You can see Rosemary's other Live Below the Line video blog here. If you would like to participate in Live Below The Line or to donate to Send a Cow please go to www.sendacow.org/Event/livebelowtheline. You could change many people's lives. Thank you.