Anna Tembo is the Vice Secretary of Ongolwe Women’s Development Association (OWDA), an organisation formed in 2012 with a mission to link women’s groups to development opportunities within Ongolwe Ward and beyond.

The Association brings together over 90 women’s groups to share learning; empowering them to take control of their own development and to have a voice in their communities. 75 of the groups, including Anna’s Juamila Group, have been working with Send a Cow Zambia (SACZ) on the Hope Means Future project since 2015.

Gender and Social Development

One of the first SACZ trainings Anna took part in was about gender and social development. She learnt that she didn’t have to take the lion’s share of the work at home and could have an equal say in how the family made a living. She and her husband John realised that they could share things out more equally and that if the whole family did their bit, they could be much more productive.

Once Anna’s husband and her three sons began to help her out with the household chores and she and John were able to communicate better, Anna really noticed some positive changes. Now she firmly believes that development can only happen when families are united and work together.

Peer Farmer

Anna and the other members of Juamila Group have also built their knowledge and skills around water harvesting and sustainable organic agriculture. They no longer need to spend money on expensive chemical fertilisers and can grow a wider variety of food, even during the long dry season.

Anna’s homestead is a shining example of SAC’s approach and so she was invited to become a Peer Farmer Trainer. She is now proud to show people around her homestead and is advising her neighbours on how to follow in her footsteps. The Mumbi community was so inspired by Anna’s success growing vegetables that they are now building a communal keyhole garden in the centre of the village, supervised by Anna

Anna has most recently taken part in SACZ’s enterprise development training and is brimming with hope and ideas for the future. As well as selling her surplus vegetables, Anna is also running a chicken-breeding project with Juamila Group, which generates income through the sale of broiler chickens. She has also set up a small shop in Mumbi. Through these enterprises, Anna is saving money which she is using to pay for her three boys to go to school.

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