This Christmas we want to share with you an update on Olkose, who has turned her life around thanks to your support last year.

This a shining example of what your support does.

Last year Olkose Sheno and her husband, Chofosho, were in dire straits.

They lost a son to illness and had to give their other son, Samuel, to relatives because they couldn’t feed him. They were just about managing to look after their daughter, Bereket.

Every day they got up before daybreak to look for labouring work, setting off without breakfast, weak and dizzy but desperate to work. Most of the time they got nothing. They returned to their home for another day of hunger. On rainy days the water literally poured through their roof.

This year, we're delighted to say, that it’s a totally different story. Because Olkose has received Send a Cow training and support, she and Chofosho have been able to completely turn their lives around.

“Now I don’t worry about what the family will eat as our garden is full of vegetables. I thank everyone who has supported us.”  - Olkose

They were given sheep and also shown how to grow vegetables, so they can feed themselves and make an income from selling the surplus. Her group members have helped her build a safe and warm home.

Olkose has been nominated as a role model, and her growing confidence has enabled her to pass on her experience and learning to others in the community. 

Incredibly, the family has also been reunited. They have been able to welcome Samuel home again, confident that they can now look after him.

Olkose with her son, Samuel, and daughter, Bereket

But the best gift of all this Christmas is Olkose and Chofoso’s new baby boy, Melkamu.
In their local language Melkamu means ‘good gift’ and he is a joyous addition to their family. He arrived in September and the whole community is celebrating his presence.

Olkose and her new baby boy, Melkamu

The thing is, these kind of stories are only made possible by people like you. You donate your hard-earned money to reach out to families like Olkose's.

Because of you, families who once had nothing due to the situation they were born into, can find the riches in their own back gardens.