Poppy Walton, Programme Funding Officer for Rwanda and Burundi, explains why she will be living on £1 a day this April.

What was your lunch today? Jacket potato, beans and cheese?

Now I want you to imagine you had five small potatoes. That’s it. Your only food for the day. How would you make them last?

OK, now imagine that you have to share those potatoes with eight other people. Could you do it? Having eaten your share, would you have the energy to go to work and keep going all day?

You might think it is inconceivable that anyone can survive on so little food, but this this is the stark reality for thousands of families in Burundi.

Estelle's story:

Estelle and her family are typical as I discovered when I asked her little son Giles what they would eat today and he held out his hand to show five small sweet potatoes.

The reality is Estelle’s seven children have barely a few mouthfuls a day and she often makes the heart breaking choice of which children to feed. A decision that no mother should have to face.

I have been haunted ever since about how little food they had to eat but heartened that they are about to join the Send a Cow programme. Their hope was visible. I immediately noticed a change in mind set.

The magic of Send a Cow is that is helps people realise their potential and believe that they can make change happen. I’ve seen it in every Send a Cow family I have visited and it is what makes our work, really work! Women finally believe they’re worth being listened to, little girls realise they deserve an education, the father who has the confidence to work from the land. Families unite.

Sadly Estelle and her family are not an isolated case. Over half of the people in Burundi live on far, far less than £1 a day. It isn’t called the World's Hungriest Country for nothing.

We challenge you to make a difference

But you can help by seeing Estelle's story as inspiration. She makes the best use of what she has so I challenge you to do the same and live on a £1 a day for five days.

So back to you and todays lunch. How many mouths do you think Estelle could make it feed?

And how about your weekend? Cinema and popcorn? Saturday morning coffee and cake? Date night meal? Could you forfeit five days of plentiful food for families like Estelle’s? You’ll be amazed at how inventive you are when living on £1 a day.

Are you tough enough? I am.

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