Frustrated student Ailow Lubangakene, had a difficult time finding the money to attend school, but now he is a Send a Cow farmer, he’s not only been able to fulfil his passion for learning with the training we have given him in agro-enterprise development and farm business, but been able to send his younger brothers to school.

Ailow is 23 years old, and lives in Amora village, which can be found in the Guru Guru parish of Amuru district, Uganda. We first met him when he was 19 years old.

The second in a family of six children, like many others, his parents struggled to raise the family and even though he was an exceptional student and loved attending school, he was frequently barred from attending classes because there was no money for fees.

But Ailow is, if nothing else, a determined character and in 2011 he finally sat his UCE form Keyo SS, the equivalent of GCSEs in the UK. Despite gaining good results he decided that that was enough. He needed to pay his way through work, and in 2012 he joined the Guru Guru farmers’ group.

He quickly discovered his entrepreneurial spirit and within months of farming was hiring a motorcycle so he could work as a “boda boda”, a taxi driver, during his free time. Before long he was making enough money to start saving and in 2014 he had bought his own motorcycle.

But Ailow’s drive to succeed didn’t end there. In 2014 he also bought a grinding machine for maize, which cost 3.9M Ugandan Shillings, nearly £800! He opened a shop and in May 2015 and has bought another grinding machine which he has installed in a neighbouring county. He even has plans to install a milling plant in Pabbo sub county and Gulu town. All this, and he found the time to get engaged to Oringa Nancy.

But for Ailow perhaps his biggest achievement is that he is now able to pay the school fees for his two younger brothers. In November 2015, the family celebrated their youngest nursery graduation ceremony and he has plans to transfer the boys to better schools in Gulu town so they can get the quality of education that he dreamed of having himself.