This is my third year visiting the UK for Send a Cow’s Grow it Global project. Once again, I’ve been staying on farms and telling schoolchildren about life in Uganda, discussing global issues, and demonstrating organic growing techniques.

For me, it’s also a chance to swap ideas and experiences with the farmers I stay with.

This year, I was particularly interested to discuss climate issues with one farmer, Jeremy. I told him how we’d had a long dry period in Uganda this year. So farmers had to plant late. That affected yields, and meant that crops were more prone to diseases and pests.

Jeremy told me that the summer in Somerset had been quite the opposite – very wet! There wasn’t enough sunshine for his tomatoes to grow well. He has struggled to make hay and silage to feed his livestock.

So it’s been a difficult farming year in both countries. But back home, I am developing my own training farm to pass on the organic farming skills I have learned from Send a Cow. I explain to poor farmers how compost keeps the soils moist, and show them how to make pesticides from natural ingredients.

Of course, I will also pass on to these poor farmers the tips I have learnt in the UK – for example, in adding value to produce and in marketing. Hopefully that will increase their income and give them savings to fall back on during droughts in the future.

And I hope that the people I talked to on the farms in the UK will try out some of our Ugandan growing techniques. We have so much to learn from each other!

Charles Mulwana