Today, we were delighted to welcome Justine Greening, Secretary of State for the Department of International Development, to Send a Cow UK.

The reason for Justine’s visit was to discuss the impact of the funds raised from the Break…Fast appeal, which, thanks to your generosity and the government’s matched funding, raised just under £1.5 million for hungry children in Africa.

The appeal ran from 1st April to 30th June 2014 to help provide children from rural Africa with breakfast, so they have the energy to go to school, concentrate on their lessons and fulfil their potential, breaking the cycle of poverty.

The funds raised will provide seeds, tools and livestock to help struggling families in rural Africa grow enough food to feed themselves. In a matter of weeks families can go from skipping meals to having two nutritious meals a day, every day.

Justine Greening said,

Send a Cow provides seeds, tools and training to ensure children in rural Africa can receive a proper, nutritious breakfast. That means they will have the sustenance they need to get on at school and to get ahead in life. That message clearly struck a chord with the public whose incredibly generous response has made the Break…Fast appeal the charity’s most successful ever.By matching public donations pound for pound, we have doubled the difference that Send a Cow can make, ensuring thousands more children get the benefits of a nutritious breakfast.

The funds were raised through online giving, major donors, events and contributions. During the height of the Break…Fast Appeal, we reached over eight million people on Twitter thanks to a number of celebrities and brands getting involved by tweeting us their favourite breakfasts