Expert knitter Elise Hurcombe has been facing up to a big Christmas challenge. She shares some purls of wisdom from a mammoo-th undertaking.

Have you ever started to make a present for someone and halfway through wished you hadn’t? That’s the situation I was in with Gloria. I’ve made her a Christmas jumper before but this year’s was a real labour of love. I wish I had known what I was letting myself in for!

First up, there was the measuring. I’ve nothing against larger ladies, but Gloria is in a league of her own. She could easily weigh 40 stone, with a thick neck and an unfashionably low-slung bust.

My tape measure wouldn’t even reach so I had to resort to measuring one of her old jumpers instead. Not only that, but she insisted in being measured without a stitch on. I didn’t know where to look.

Gloria insisted that the jumper had to be patterned with Send a Cow’s most popular virtual Christmas gifts, as she’s a big fan. I got to work on a design for vegetables, a chicken and a lovely cow and calf – but Gloria kept saying the carrots were wonky, and it took lots of revisions to get it right. I burned the midnight oil to get the mammoth jersey done in time. I must confess, I even tried it on myself when no one was looking – you could have fit four of me in there!

To cut a long story short: the jumper fits, Gloria is delighted and she thinks it’s going to be a real hit this Christmas. I don’t know. I’d love to show you a picture, but I’m not allowed to yet. When Gloria makes her big entrance on 27 November, can you let me know what you think?

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