Do cows in Africa know it’s Christmas time at all? Heavens, what a silly question! Of course they do. I’ve been calling my sister Daisy in Uganda on her moo-bile for months to ask about her gift list. She can’t think of a thing she wants though, typical!

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I’ve got a big surprise for Daisy this year. She’s always going on about this charity called Send a Cow that finds homes for cows in Africa. They teach humans how to grow food for themselves and the cow and build a lovely cosy shelter for her. In return, the cow gives them lovely fresh milk!

Anyway I thought seeing as Daisy is so keen on Send a Cow, I’d do something to make her chuckle. I’m going to be their 2014 Christmas knitwear moo-del! They’ve made this beautiful woolly jumper especially for me, showing all the lovely things they do in Africa. I did a glamorous photoshoot and everything! Hopefully it will encourage people to buy more gifts to help cows and their carers in Africa.

I’m so nervous about what Daisy will say when she sees yours truly all dolled up to help raise money for her favourite good cowse! I’m not as young as I used to be, but I think they caught my best side in the photos. What do you think? Will you buy a Send a Cow gift to help give Daisy a Moo-ry Christmas?

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