In 1994, an estimated 800,000 Rwandans were killed in the space of 100 days. Thousands of people were forced to flee their homes and families were torn apart.

At Send a Cow we place a special focus on social and development work in our projects in Rwanda, improving people’s confidence and helping neighbours work together.

Genevieve Mukamusoni (pictured above with two of her three children) tells us her story: 

“I am a genocide survivor. I was desperate and fearful and never wanted to go where other people were. I have no relatives - all of my relatives died in the genocide. I even regretted that I never died in the genocide. I never interacted with others and I had no hope.

I could not estimate my land but it is very small. I cultivated my own land and sold the crops when there was a good season. Selling part of my production is my only source of income. I have only 30 coffee trees and the production is really low. I harvested 10kg last year.

When I heard about the project I doubted that they would take me on board but it is really good news to be in the project.

I became a Send a Cow group leader and am always interacting with group members and the extension staff. I conduct group meetings and the group business is running well. I am busy either with the group or family activities.

I spend my day doing chores then spare some time for the group business. My children do not cultivate but they support me with the household chores.

I am now confident and aspiring for a better life. I have even met with members of the local government.

My diet has changed with the variety of vegetables and I have started saving in the group. I wish this group project would be there for life. My future plans are to improve my house and connect myself to electricity as it is in the neighbourhood. I intend to improve my harvests by planting mixed crops and to start mulching and adding manure.

Thank you for taking me out of desperation.”