A Q&A with Rob Grimes, Head of Partnership Fundraising at Send a Cow, on our new ‘Fruitful’ partnership.

1) How did the partnership with Fruitful come about?

Fruitful were on the lookout for a charitable partner that delivered sustainable change. They were particularly looking for charities that were practical, simple and innovative in their approach, as that aligned closely with their ethos. Started by farmers, Send a Cow has an innovative history that appealed to them. The founder is Bath born and bred and a Bath graduate, so the fact that we're also Bath-based added to that appeal.

2) How did the donation, which could buy a goat for a family, come about?

Fruitful wanted something to incentivize new savers that was both tangible and impactful. They wanted something that families desperately needed, which could make a big difference to their daily lives, enabling them to even save for the future. A goat fits that purpose as it provides families with milk, cheese and manure, which helps with vegetable growth.

For every new saver who deposits at least £1,000, Fruitful pledges to provide a family in Africa with a dairy goat or a gift donation of equivalent cost such as bee hives or sapling trees according to the family’s needs. 

3) Tell us a bit about the difference the gift of a livestock can make to a family?

The gift of livestock comes after families have received training on how to best look after the animal, to ensure they get the most out of having a cow, goat or chicken. We work closely with families to help them make the most out of their land, no matter how big or small and provide training and livestock accordingly.

Once a family has committed to the gift of livestock, they must also commit to 'passing it on'. This means that they must gift the first born animal to another family. This process unites communities and means that the gift of just one family will help many more.

4) How important are our partnerships to us?

Corporate partnerships are valuable not just because of the financial benefit, which enables us to work with more people, but also the exposure and brand awareness they bring.

When a charity and a company share values and strategy there's a genuine benefit for both parties, which makes for a very rewarding long-term partnership.

We are proactively looking for companies we share a synergy with, where we can build long term partnerships. We currently enjoy partnerships with Innocent, Riverford and Pieminister who have given us amazing support and, year on year, continue to show a real interest and passion in what we do. We have an expert team here and are always looking for other companies to work with.

5) What are our hopes / expectations for our partnership with Frutiful?

We hope that the fruitful business grows and provides a genuine alternative to high street banking, and that the partnership with Send a Cow flourishes in the long term.

We are thrilled and overwhelmed by Luke’s genuine passion for Send a Cow. He has shown incredible commitment to some of the poorest people in the world, whist being at the very beginning of his own venture.

We are over the moon to have been chosen as a partner by Fruitful. We echo their core values and we wish them every success.

Find out more on the Fruitful website