I am always amazed at how far Send a Cow’s work is felt. Beyond just the families we work with, I often meet people who have copied - from neighbour to neighbour, community to community - all over Ethiopia.

Recently I met an elderly lady called Mezegbe, who is the neighbour of a Send a Cow farmer (Banga) I was visiting one day. During my visit, Mezegbe stayed the entire time, avidly watching and I was keen to know why she had taken such an interest.

I asked her if she grew her own vegetables too. She said she’d been so interested as to how Banga had become so healthy, that she copied the way he was growing and cooking vegetables. When I visited her backyard, I was heartened to see that her garden was as green and clean as Banga’s. She had clearly learnt a lot from her neighbour as there were many of the same types of vegetables growing, using the same kind of Send a Cow techniques!

She said, “I never even knew about vegetables like beetroots and carrots before, but I have learnt what they are and how to grow them because I have learnt from Banga…now these vegetables are part of my daily menu.”

“These are my favourites,” and she pointed at all the carrots she was growing. “I eat them every day.”

When I asked her the benefits of eating vegetables, she said, “Since I started eating vegetables, my sight has improved and I can see clearly now. I am very happy about my eyesight.” This is a wonderful testament to what the vitamins in vegetables can do to people, if they have more in their diets!

Mezegbe’s story reminds me of just how often Send a Cow’s work is spread and shows us how copying our neighbours can make a truly amazing impact!

Wondwossen Teshome