As we approach the anniversary of the launch of the Break...Fast appeal Head of Public Fundraising, Vickie Wood, reflects on the campaign itself and the impact that your support has already had.

As you may be aware, last year we were selected by the UK government as one of the UK Aid Match (UKAM) partners, which gave Send a Cow supporters the exciting opportunity to make your donations go twice as far by doubling everything you gave during April, May and June 2014.

Our most successful appeal ever, the Break…Fast appeal focused on giving children in Africa the best possible chance to unlock and achieve their true potential. Through a range of initiatives we looked at how a good breakfast was not just the most important meal of the day, but could prove to be the most important meal of a person’s life.

Today, as we approach the anniversary of the appeal's launch, I wanted to take the opportunity say thank you and let you know how your donations are helping families in Africa.

During the appeal we introduced you to Deborah and her family in Rwanda. When we first met Deborah, she was seven years old, and we were shocked by the difficulties she and her family were facing. The whole family were visibly malnourished and it was rare that her parents were able to afford to provide more than one meal a day for them. In their entire lives the children had never even had a breakfast.

We were thrilled to see 7,912 of you come forward to give Deborah and many like her breakfast; not just to start her day, but also to start her life. Between you all, you raised a fantastic £757,466 which, when doubled by the UK government, totals an astonishing £1,504,056.

A year on...your impact:

In under a year your donations have helped us reach 9,000 people in Africa. Within only six months we have been able to train over 300 families in vegetable growing techniques, giving families access to good food and reducing the number of months they will be hungry each year. Furthermore, families have been learning how to build fuel efficient stoves that improve health and save energy. We’ve also worked with over 200 farmers, training them in the basic home-hygiene techniques that can make such a difference in their lives.

Your continued support means that together in a relatively short time we are making a real difference to real lives across Africa.

But please don’t just take our word for it. Vivian from Rwanda said: “Send a Cow taught us about family harmony, which was something we hadn’t thought about before – we have become better at sharing the household work and everyone is happier!”

Norah from Rwanda said: “I would like to start a chicken project so I can make money from the sale of eggs. Before working with Send a Cow I couldn’t imagine myself as a business woman but now I am sure I can make it happen.”

Thanks to you, Deborah and her family are also making fantastic progress. They are working hard to build a cow shed so that they are prepared to receive their cow.

On behalf of her family, Deborah’s mother Clementine has a message for you:

Thank you, your support is making a great change in the lives of us and all the other people you support. Please continue to have a giving heart so many other people can experience the kind of changes we already have.