As a student in Cardiff I fell in love with the city, however the only view I ever had of the Cardiff Half Marathon was from the comforts of my sofa, where I’d catch glimpses of running vests and sweaty faces as they ran past the front of my house.

Each year I’d feel a pang of guilt at not being out there joining them. The noise from the supportive crowd would drown out any attempt at daytime TV viewing, eventually luring me to lean out of my window to cheer and encourage the stream of strangers.

My idea of long distance running is around 2 miles but with every New Year comes a resolution and, determined to turn myself into a runner I’ve signed up to not one race, but two. The first race is the Women's 10k Running Series in June to help me train for the big one, the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. By including both races in my fundraising ask, I'm hoping friends and family will be a bit more generous with their donations. 

It’s a huge challenge for me, which I know I’m going to struggle with, so to keep myself motivated I’ll be running both races in support of Send a Cow. The money I hope to raise with every step in the dark, cold and rain will go towards supporting farming families in rural Africa. Send a Cow provides training and livestock to help individuals work their way out of poverty, so they can provide for their families, send their children to school and take control of their own lives.

Working for the charity I’ve seen the amazing impact the work has and read incredible stories from men, women and children who have become empowered by knowledge, skills and support.

Send a Cow has taught me that it’s not about what you’re given, it’s what you do with what you have that helps you reach your potential.

This is my motivation for running the women’s 10k in June and the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. I know that my university friends will be there as my cheer squad and, regardless of how I feel at the time, I know I’ll get a huge kick out of running by my old front door before finally crossing that finish line.

If you want to support me in my challenge then please give what you can to my JustGiving page. Or if you have been inspired to take on your own 2015 challenge then please have a look at the range of events Send a Cow has on offer.

Helen Avent, Community and Events Fundraising Assistant

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