My name is Christine Ndikumana. I am 28 years old and live with my husband, Innocent, and five children.

All I remember from my childhood is great sadness and struggle. When I was seven, the village where I lived was attacked by rebels and my father was killed. We all fled and from then on life became sour.

We had people try to take advantage of us. We would dig for other people and get just enough money for food that day.

I was not happy growing up in such poverty but my mother was self-reliant; she was a strong woman and we survived. She didn’t want me or my brother to suffer. She is the strongest woman I know.

I had a miserable life

My mother empowered me to never rely on someone. So it was hard for me when I married my husband. Before Send a Cow it was like being a single parent. I would come back from digging all day and he would be out socialising with his friends. We would have one meal of cassava and beans a day.

I had a miserable life. I had no decision making in the house and never knew how much income we would have. My husband was often drunk. But, everything changed when we joined Send a Cow.

Send a Cow saved my marriage!

Honestly, I would never have believed that my husband could change because of the training from Send a Cow. He has transformed completely! Now, we work in the garden together. He waters the vegetables and collects water for the crops.

My husband now takes part in our children’s lives. Before, even if the children were sick, he wouldn’t look after them, he would leave it to me. Now he does. Now, even if he sees me lying down for a rest, he runs to me and asks me if I am sick.

I have even got a loan and he is paying it back for me. He contributes to this family and has ideas about our future. I tell you, it is a miracle – Send a Cow saved my marriage!

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