In preparation for the Sweet Swap in May, when supporters are going to be quitting sugary treats for one month, we spoke to the Send a Cow team and asked them what they were most worried about and which item they are going to be missing the most during the challenge:


Without my three o'clock pick me up, I really struggle in the late afternoon. I have become so used to having a little treat that I don't even think about it


I'm pretty sure that I only really eat sugary things, I'm a little bit worried to be honest


I find myself dipping into the biscuit jar without even giving it half a thought sometimes. My friends think I'm crazy, and that I won't last a day. But I'm really keen to go for the whole month!


Sorry? How long did I say I would do it for? A MONTH!!! Oh my days.



We asked the team what treat they were going to miss the most:

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