If the year end is a time of reflection then Aberash Haile and her husband Durato Toga in Ethiopia have a lot to ponder. In just three years they have completely turned their lives around, thanks to your support of Send a Cow work.

The family has gone from having very little to eat, to growing enough food to eat healthily four times a day.  They are excited to eat vegetables they had never seen before, such as beetroot, carrots, cabbage and chard. They produce enough to have lots left over to sell, giving them an income for important things like medicines, clothes and household items.

Before I worked with Send a Cow I used to really beg clothes from other families who were throwing them away. Now I am able to buy clothes for my kids and for myself.

Aberash and Durato belong to a Send a Cow group called ‘Gegecho Yidota’, which means ‘Hope of Gegecho Village’. Your support of Send a Cow not only teaches people how to farm effectively, it also gives back hope to people who no longer have any. Changing a mindset is often the first step for a family trying to work their way out of poverty.

Aberash and Durato are now making plans to improve their home. They want to replace their grass roof with iron sheets and they are confident that they will manage it.

Aberash is also excited to share what she has learned with her community.

In the future I'm planning to address this poverty issue with my neighbours who are in the same situation I was in the past. I want to help them copy what I am doing. This is my ambition and my dream, so people can really get out of poverty.

Aberash and Durato now have hope for the future. They look forward to their futures growing, as the apple trees they received from Send a Cow thanks to you are already heading towards the sky.