This year Starbucks staff across Europe are fundraising for Send a Cow as part of the Coffee + Cows campaign. Jimmy Curtis, director of campaign planning at Starbucks, has signed up for a series of challenges to raise funds for Send a Cow. Between work and a busy training schedule, we caught up with Jimmy to find out more.

We hear you’re taking part in a serious number of challenge events this year. Tell us more!

You could say that! I’m doing over 12 events this year, including Tough Mudders, Survival of the Fittest races and Triathlons. The Tough Mudder event is an 18km race with more than 20 obstacles and lots of mud. I am also recruiting Starbucks teams to join my fundraising efforts at local challenges – and even persuading some to join me in the Tough Mudders (or “Udders” as we’ve renamed them!)

We are also supporting the Coffee + Cows campaign in Starbucks stores in Europe. This is raising funds for Send a Cow from the sale of At Home Coffee. (From 27th July, 50p from every bag sold will be donated to Send a Cow.)

What inspired you to support Send a Cow's work?

I was privileged to visit Rwanda in May 2016 as part of a trip with Starbucks, which we called the Origin Experience to learn more about the sourcing of our coffee. I got to see first-hand the difference that Send a Cow makes.

It became clear to me whilst in Rwanda that we all have hopes, fears, love and desire to make life better for ourselves and our families. Seeing and hearing from the community about their hopes and dreams was a life-changing moment.

How many events have you done so far?

I’ve completed three Tough Mudders and I’m feeling excited about the rest. You get very muddy, just like cows do!

What have been the highs and lows so far?

The biggest low is leaving the events because there is so much energy amongst everyone taking part. But the high is getting to escape London and see the country. Scotland was a real highlight - it was some of the most beautiful scenery I have ever seen.

What do other people think about you taking on these challenges?

People think I’m crazy! They usually ask me why I’m doing it, then laugh uncomfortably – following which I bombard them with links to sign-up and get involved, and they wish they’d never laughed!

So what’s next?

I am already planning challenges for 2018 and hope to do even more Tough Mudder style events overseas. Getting outdoors and covered in mud really makes you feel alive.

If you have been inspired and want to take part in a challenge for Send a Cow, you can sign-up for one of our organised events. Alternatively, you could book a place on another event, such as a Tough Mudder, to support Send a Cow.