Ambassador Tony Buckle, has recently returned from an amazing trip to see Send a Cow's work in Ethiopia. He was inspired to write these words:

Those in search of Utopia
May find their goal in Ethiopia.
The road to Heaven was truly holy,
Potholes were enormous, we went roly-poly.

We journeyed to see how Send a Cow
Changed people’s lives and showed them how
To farm the land and put food on the table,
By training and hard work they were able

To improve their lot and build a new life,
Where the husband would show more respect for his wife.
They showed us how their lives had improved;
We admired their efforts and were really moved.

Where in the past land had laid to waste,
New vegetables flourished and they could taste
The fruits of their labours and eat better food,
Self-confidence grew and their health improved.

Regardless of faith, belief or creed,
We are all human beings and have the same need
To survive, take part and multiply
In a world where demand exceeds supply.

So through Send a Cow we can show that we care
And pass on our wealth for others to share.