Our travel company, Africa Exclusive and a number of our clients have been supporting Send a Cow’s work in Kenya for many years. We had the privilege of visiting two groups in Western Kenya at the beginning of a project, returning to see the same people three years later.

The transformation was astonishing!

In material terms their lives and prospects had improved hugely. But more striking was the joy, hope, confidence and self-esteem that we saw in everyone. Three years before, Lawrence was doing back breaking work cutting a ton of sugarcane a day for £1 and could not feed his family. When we met him three years later a self- assured Lawrence proudly showed us his cow and vegetables which provide around £8 a day income from sales.

The children are now at school, healthy, and his oldest daughter, Nancy is to start accountancy training. Like most people we met, he is a budding entrepreneur and has started a little chicken farm with hopes to breed and sell hundreds of chickens a year.

We were warmly greeted by so many people eager to show us their improved vegetable gardens and share their plans. One was Benta, a widowed grandmother looking after her own children and two orphans. Sue had asked her three years earlier if there was a small luxury that she hoped to have one day – she said “a pair of shoes”.

On our second visit a smartly dressed beaming Benta told us all that had happened and her plans to have a couple of houses built to rent to teachers to provide income when she is too old to farm. She is also paying for two of her children to attend university. We asked her – did she ever get those shoes and she replied with a twinkle in her eye that she now has five pairs of shoes!

As we wandered around the beautifully tended gardens and ripening maize fields one lady proudly walked up to us with her two year old daughter who she had named Susan after my wife!

Send a Cow’s main involvement there is now complete and we are certain that these people will keep going from strength to strength helping neighbours and other communities do the same.