Meet Agnes Namuganza, one of our Extension Workers in Uganda. In today's blog she explains what it is to be a woman working in her job and how there are no two days the same! 

Aged 38, married and a mother to one son. I am agricultural/livestock extensionist for Send a Cow Uganda having acquired a Diploma in Animal husbandry.

While my parents were not people of means, we had a few animals, and I loved our rabbits, goats and chickens. Originally, I wanted to pursue a career in Vetinary Medicine, but I ended up taking my second choice, which was Bukalasa Agricultural College. Sometimes, our second choices turn out to be the best choices.

When I joined Send a Cow in 2003 there were only two female vetinary extension officers. At college, female students were encouraged to take on agricultural extension instead of veterinary, and of 52 students, there were only 5 girls. So, I was not surprised to find only one other woman; Roselyn as a veterinary extensionist. However, I have never been intimidated by male colleagues . Perhaps because I am the only girl amongst 5 boys in my family!

I was replacing a male Doctor at Send a Cow, and some in the communities doubted me. But it was not long before the women of the Buwekula Archdeacon Women's Development Programme, who at first referred to me as ‘Muwala’ meaning young girl, started to refer me to as ‘Musawo’ (Doctor). In the first week of my placement, I helped a cow deliver a calf that was breached.

The animal had been in labour for more than 6 hours and the farmer had thought, I would not manage. It was actually a neighbour who advised that I should be called in. The farmer was male. And nearly the whole village gathered as I helped the cow deliver. You should have seen the jubilation. I was swept off the ground and carried shoulder high, all farmers singing "Musawo! musawo! musawo!"

I do not have a typical day, however much i try to keep to a set schedule. I may be in the middle of a training session and I am called upon to attend to an emergency. The training ends abruptly and I have to attend to an emergency.

At times like these, I am like that medical doctor of the emergency room.