Can you support our crowdfund to buy 11 motorbikes for our extension workers in Uganda? 

At Send a Cow our Support Workers are our heroes. They travel to different communities bringing vital knowledge and skills families need to thrive.

They don’t have the luxury of 4x4s. Instead they load their tools, flipcharts and training materials on to a motorbike. 

These bikes are vital for our new Vegetable Oil Development Project, which will help 4,945 families over the next three years. The extension workers will teach families how to grow and process crops like groundnuts and soya beans and work together to sell for the best price. They will give families the skills to build their own business and change their lives forever.

Each motorbike costs £980. We need your help to make sure our heroes have everything they need to get on the road. But the project begins in October and time is running short.

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