Kasiita and his brothers and sisters lost their parents five years ago. Life has been a daily struggle for survival ever since. The youngest child, Mugumya, was only two years old at the time. He doesn't even remember his mum and dad.

Donate now so we can give this family and 200 more like them the seeds and tools they need to harvest their first vegetables. They can go from eating nothing but watery porridge once every couple of days, to having nutritious vegetables every day.

Over time, they’ll grow more food than they need. They’ll be able to sell the surplus for cash, helping t<<

Give what you can today and you can help orphans like Kasiita realise that a brighter future is possible. Every £31.25 donated will get a family of orphans started in the Send a Cow programme. They may be parentless but with your support they needn’t be powerless.

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