Today Merida will eat one meal. If she's lucky.

She and her mother, grandmother, siblings and cousins struggle every day to have enough to eat. Her mother works long hours at her market stall, but her income is pitiful and not enough to support everyone.

Today you can change things. You can Give a Girl a Future. Your donation today will go towards training families like Merida’s, teaching them how to grow their own food, with surplus to sell for income.

Merida go fetch water, Merida go collect firewood, Merida go this, Merida go that, Merida,  Merida...

When a family has a source of income it ensures that children like Merida can go to school and get an education. Right now, Merida struggles to get to school and spends a lot of time working around the house. Will you change things, will you Give this Girl a Future today with your gift?