"There is nothing as painful as poverty. Poverty is a thorn that pierces deep, deep into your heart. I have been a living example of this."

Manjeri, 59, from the Kamuli in Uganda is a single mother and a polio survivor. With no partner to support her she has faced a constant struggle to feed her family.

With your help we can work with women like Manjeri and help them live a better life.

Manjeri was not born with a disability. She caught the polio virus when she was seven and as a result uses a wheelchair. Sadly, like many disabled people in Uganda, Manjeri has faced discrimination and marginalisation throughout her life.


"We are excluded at every level of our lives; at home and in the community."

Her basic mud hut has no windows and the door shies away from the road. She shares her modest home with two of her five children. She has seven grandchildren to feed - often just a single bowl of porridge each day. There is no money for any of the children to go to school.

Can you give today to support women like Manjeri, to give them the skills and confidence to have a better chance in life?

If Manjeri can learn to grow nutritious food she will be able to look after herself and her hungry family. Not only that but, by working with our team, she will learn about her rights so she can feel confident to speak out in her community. We believe that no one should be marginalised, hidden or left behind.

You can help women like Manjeri reach their full potential