My children have nothing to eat. Nothing. There is only molasses. The baby just cries and cries. I'm forced to give her home brewed sugar cane vodka so she can sleep

No parent likes to hear their baby cry, especially from hunger. But can you imagine how desperate a parent must be to give their baby alcohol to stop their cries? Sadly, this is the situation that Faridah Nangobi in Uganda finds herself in. When her baby daughter Mebra cries from hunger, she has nothing to give her but sugar cane vodka.

Will you Give a Baby a Better Start today?

Faridah, her husband James, and their three children live in Kamuli, a region of Uganda that sees families living in shocking hunger and deprivation. Most of the families here, including Faridah and James, use their small plots of land to grow sugar cane for the processing plants in town. They spend their days doing backbreaking work for little reward. And because the land is taken up with the sugar cane crop, they are not growing any nutritious food to eat.

Because people in Kamuli see no other way to live, they are attracted to the cash crop of sugar cane, despite its miserable returns. From the sugar cane they make molasses and brew vodka to sell, and alcoholism is rife in the area.

It doesn't have to be this way - you can bring change to desperate families

Faridah and her husband James are just one of the familes in the Kamuli region of Uganda that Send a Cow wants to start working with. Your support for Send a Cow projects is what will get families like theirs out of this apalling situation.

With your help we can teach people like Faridah and James how to grow nutritious vegetable crops, and break their dependency on sugar cane. When we start working with families most of them see a harvest of vegetables within just three to six months. Not only will they have healthy food to feed themselves and their children, but they will have surplus to sell to make an income. From this their circumstances change – a cow or goat to give milk and manure, the support of a group to help them through the tough times, and their children will attend school as they have money for school fees.

A gift from you right now will start a family like Faridah's on a better path, and ensure that babies are given a better start in life. Thank you.