“We are tired of this. We wake up early in the morning trying to see how to provide for our family, which at the end of the day turns out to be useless because we are not getting anywhere.”

Gilbert lives in Burundi, one of the hungriest countries in Africa, with his wife Dionèse and children. They face a daily struggle to feed their children from their tiny plot of land. 

To provide for his family, Gilbert is forced to labour on other people’s farms. When they are lucky, the family can eat a little ubugali – a type of maize porridge. It’s the only meal his children eat all day. Gilbert despairs at this situation. What the family really need are the skills and knowledge to make the most from their own land.

But life can be different for Gilbert - and many other farmers across Africa, with your help today. You can empower them to get the best from their most precious resource: the soil beneath their feet.

With your support, Send a Cow will provide agricultural training for struggling farmers like Gilbert so they know how to grow plentiful food. You can give them the seeds and tools they need to get started, and they could be harvesting nutritious vegetables just weeks after sowing.

By donating today, you could help to provide them with a dairy cow or other livestock, which will give them a ready source of manure for their crops and milk for their children to drink. By selling their surplus milk and vegetables, people like Gilbert and Dionèse can also build successful farming businesses, and earn enough money to do what most parents in the UK take for granted: send their children to school and buy medicines when they are sick.

Help families like Gilbert’s to build a better future for themselves today.