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Across rural Africa, many farming families have a daily struggle to put food on the table. Without the knowledge, skills and resources they need they cannot make the most of their land. 

Give just £10 a month and you will help more people in Africa to farm their way out of poverty.

More than thirty years ago, a group of UK farmers set up Send a Cow to give farming families in Africa a hand up, rather than handouts – initially by providing livestock, and then by sharing tried and tested farming techniques.

Since 1988 Send a Cow has helped more than a million people in Africa to farm their way out of poverty.

The families we work with learn how to grow enough food to feed themselves and are supported to build small farming businesses.

With a secure income they can improve their homes, send their children to school and bounce back when the unexpected happens.

Today, will you join us as a Send a Cow Farmhand?

In return we'll send you seasonal updates that will bring you news of the farmers and projects you're working alongside. You'll also receive your Farmhand tote bag as a special thank you from all of us at Send a Cow.

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