A food crisis is brewing in Uganda. But food shortages like this don’t happen overnight. They can take months or even years to develop.

You can give farming families the skills to survive famine, and recover afterwards

By responding quickly to warning signs, we can stop future disasters on the scale we’re seeing now. 

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Evalyne joined Send a Cow in 2016

Then, for the first time ever, she could see a future for her family.

But like many farmers in Uganda, she has to fight against the climate to survive.

This year she has only harvested a little cassava. Barely enough for one meal a day and very little nourishment for her children.

“If it does not rain soon, we will starve.”

You can make sure when the rains do come in August, Evalyne has what she needs. Seeds to sow for fast growing, nutritious vegetables.

You can help prepare her and farmers like her for future droughts

They’ll learn how to capture water by building tanks, how to make compost and which trees to plant to trap moisture in their soil.

With your help, Evalyne’s farm will grow enough to feed her family. She’ll diversify her crops, giving her security and an income to use in emergencies.

By working with Send a Cow 96% of groups are able to survive a crisis

Families who’ve worked with Send a Cow recover from setbacks like drought or crop failure. Many come back even stronger.

Communities work together to solve their problems

We train families to make the most of their land in groups. They give each other moral support and pass on seeds or livestock to their neighbours. And they plan their crops together so they can harvest food, even in the harshest conditions.

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