To change a families future.

We turn your donations into training to give new skills, confidence and hope, as well as resources like seeds, tools and livestock.

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This simple approach has a BIG impact.

It provides families with the hope and the means they need to turn their lives from one of daily struggle to building a better future from their land.

Your donation isn't a hand-out, it becomes the start of a change that brings lasting impact to many people. 

Every £100,000 raised will support 200 families for a year.

Every donation you make will be give skills to be passed on to help other people.

Every family we can help directly with your donation, makes a commitment to share their first female offspring from livestock gifts. They'll pass on new skills and knowledge with other people in their community.

For every person you help 10 more will go onto benefit.

That's 2,000 lives changed for every £100,000 raised. Whatever you give you will be giving real families the means to beat poverty forever.