Bath churches are joining together to buy cows for Rwanda

Families in Rwanda are awaiting the cow that will change their lives forever and Bath churches are going to be part of that change.

Make your pledge as a church for a whole cow or as an individual gift towards the herd.

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Cows transform the lives of families

For families struggling to feed themselves milk to drink and a surplus to sell is a lifeline. With manure to enrich soil and nourish crops families can grow more food.

Once a family’s food is secure and they have a regular income their children can go to school. They can invest in their farm.

Families like Stephanie’s are ready and waiting for their cow

Stephanie, 51 (above), was widowed in the Rwandan genocide. Although her home is in poor condition, she has 1.5 hectares of land and grows fruit and vegetables.

She has received training to care for livestock and grown the right crops to feed them. She’s already cleared her land and built a cow shed in anticipation

If I receive a cow, all my gardens will be even more productive because of manure. (I'll) have enough food for my family and surplus for the market.

What your church can do

Each cow costs £650.

When your church donates enough for a whole cow, you can name your cow anything you like. Pledge now to donate a whole cow. You’ll receive a photo of the cow being received by the family and an update about them. 

Alternatively you or your church can make a contribution to the Bath herd. Give what you can and you'll be entered into a draw to win the chance to name one of the cows (terms and conditions apply).

We need to receive your donation by 30th June 2017

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Inspire your congregation

When you’ve pledged your gift we’ll email you a link to our resource page to support your fundraising activity.

Working together, Send a Cow will support Bath churches to reach their mission of supporting struggling families.

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