Celebrate Harvest with Send a Cow

This Harvest, get together with your school or congregation to give families in Uganda the seeds, tools and skills to grow their own future.

This autumn your church or school can give a family an abundant Harvest by joining our celebrations.

We've prepared lots of activities and resources for you to download for free, to inspire your fundraising for farming families like Nabila's.

What could your Harvest fundraising buy?

£150 - Seeds, tools and training for five families, everything they need to start growing nutritious vegetables to eat.

£300 - Seeds, tools and training for 10 families, your group could help 10 families grow their way out of poverty.

11 yr old Nabila Nawuma who is deaf and dumb stands on a chair surrounded by her mother and father , brothers and elder sister

Your support will help families like Nabila's from Uganda.

Nabila is a lively 11-year-old but her young life has been a terrible struggle. Her family is desperately poor and Nabila was born with severe disabilities.

Bwamiki, Nabila’s father, is desperate to send his children to school but he simply cannot afford the fees for their seven children.

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To get you started we have created a video and presentation you can download below now. To access the complete set of free Harvest resources sign up now and make your fundraising pledge.

Once you have paid in your fundraising we'll send you regular email updates, so you can share in the joy of Nabila's families progress. We’d love you to see the changes your donation makes.

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