Thanks to each and every one of you!

You've helped us prove that poverty, hunger and inequality aren't inevitable, and show how people can help themselves & each otherRead more

How the falling value of the pound is eating into our programmes

For a charity like Send a Cow, the impact is enormous.Read more

Bouncing back stronger

How Send a Cow in the UK is learning a valuable lesson in resilience from farmers in Africa.Read more

Making a business out of taro flour

Taro provides families with a staple crop each year - but can only be stored for 3 months. We trained 300 farmers to make it last longerRead more

Send a Cow and enterprise

Helping farmers set up productive businesses is a crucial part of achieving our vision of a confident and thriving rural Africa..Read more

Pia in Africa

Read more

What does resilience mean?

It's a buzzword in international development right now, but what does it mean for our farmers?Read more

How hard is it to give up sugar for a month?

How hard is it to give up sugar for a month? One of our amazing supporters, Rachel Lyons, who did it last spring tells us exactly what it was like…Read more

The SARO project has begun

Thanks to your Planting Hope donations and matching from the UK government, Send a Cow Ethiopia has recently hired some new staffRead more

Dolen Cymru and Send a Cow join forces to help Lesotho farmers facing drought

Send a Cow has teamed up with Welsh charity, Dolen Cymru to help smallholder farmers experiencing drought in the African country of Lesotho.Read more